About Gestalt

What is Gestalt Therapy?

In my Gestalt practice, I integrate physical process awareness and energy work. I believe we carry our history with us on a cellular, tissue level. Integration of mind, body, and spirit is important for overall growth and development. My clinical work emphasizes growth, health, flexibility and personal empowerment.

Gestalt Therapy is a natural and enlivened method of working with clients. In the Gestalt approach, psychologists work with each client not as a problem to be fixed or from a deficit perspective, but as an individual, or part of a family unit, creatively adjusting to stressful or difficult environments or circumstances. Gestalt therapy emphasizes the way the person organizes his/her range of experiences. This field includes your internal feelings, experiences, external behaviors, thoughts, or relationships.  As we experiment with various Gestalt methods of working, we enhance the person’s awareness of his/her sense of individual choice and responsibility. This helps move through the distressful or challenging experience by obtaining a sense of mastery and greater awareness of incidents that had been challenging or upsetting.

The Gestalt Physical Process and the embodied field helps clients with stress, anxiousness or depression return to their natural movements and organismic self-regulation. These strategies are effective guides that lead one out of fixed and frozen processes or ways of being, and return one to healthy developmental patterns for living. The Gestalt approach empowers the individual, respects the individuality and creative expressions of each person, and encourages him/her to experience the inherent joy and happiness of being human, part of a family and a community.