Past Events and Publications

Past Events

“A Transactional Model of Assessment”
“ADHD/Attention Deficit Disorders in Adults”
“Adult Children of Alcoholics and Other Dysfunctional Family Systems”
“Advanced Physical Process Training Workshops” “Affective Education Techniques for Teachers to Enhance Self-Esteem with Students”
“An Alternative Approach to Working with Sexually Abused Children and Children of Alcoholics”
“Application and Working with the Body from a Gestalt Perspective Training Program”
“Art Therapy”
“Attending to Mind/Body Communications”
“Body Process Work”
“Children and Adolescent Training Workshops”
“Depression and Suicide Risk Factors with Adolescents”
“Discovering and Owning Our Energy and Body Self”
“Energy Medicine”
“Enhancing Perceptual Skills: The Body as a Therapeutic Feedback System”
“Enriching Therapeutic Skills in a Professional Setting”
“Family Therapy Approaches”
“Foundations of the Human Energy Centers (HEC)”
“Gestalt Introductory Workshops”
“Gestalt Therapy with Children”
“Identifying and Evaluating Emotionally Disturbed Children”
“Identifying Emotional Disturbances in the Classroom”
“Identifying Sexually Abused Children”
“Individual and Family Therapy Approaches”
“Inner Circle Sacred Self”
“Integrating Energy Medicine”
“Into The Sacred Self, A Woman’s Journey”
“Introductory Gestalt Groups”
“Mother/Daughter Relationships and Development”
“Parenting with Awareness”
“Physical Process and Women’s Body Image”
“Physical Process Work with Children and Adolescents”
“Running Parent Groups That Work”
“Special Needs Children and High Risk Families”
“The Art of Letting Go”
“The Body and Psychotherapy”
“The Dynamics of the Mother/Daughter Relationship”
“The Importance of the Developmental Stages with Adolescents”
“The Temperamentally Difficult Child”
“Women’s Issues and Development”
“Women’s Process Groups”
“Women’s Psychospirituality Development”
“Working with Dysfunctional Families”
“Working with Human Energy Centers (HEC)”
“Working with Small Groups/Systems”
“Working with the Body in the Relational Field”


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1988 Publication of Doctoral Dissertation: “A Phenomenological Analysis of
Gestalt, Psycho-Analytic, and Client -Centered Therapists’ Experience of
Psychotherapy with Children Seven – Eleven Years of Age.”